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Several of the top 2 percenters are literally screaming to be taxed. The CEO’s of well known companies have stated “the loss of jobs due to tax hikes is a myth”. They have urged the GOP (many of them are members of that party) to stop the games and let the taxes rise. The Congress apparently is willing to play the same games and punish the American people who they claim to represent. I believe these so called  representatives of the people are more concerned about keeping their own taxes low rather than other “2 percenters”. This is certainly an indication that the voters need to begin the process of removing ineffective Congressional members and those who have served too long to be effective. What would it be like to have an actual working Congress? The framers of the Constitution never had Congressional seats in mind as a fulltime position yet here we are with 535 fulltime people who have forgotten why they were elected  or have they? The unfortunate part of this is, we have some who could be better but their high intentions have been undermined by the older and self serving members. It seems that greed is the watchword as the Congress has enacted laws that serve them and not us, the 98%.

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