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We  are all detectives in some form. While we exalt in the TV detectives of all sorts, we each discover things in our way. The real detection occurs each time we read more than one source for information, listen to several news or pseudo news outlets. The one defect in this discovery is our own personal biases. Our learned and acquired biases form a basis for many of our actions and beliefs. With this basis we often accept as fact the skewed information issued by our Congress. The Congress has been in free fall for many years and we have not fully realized it. With this idea in play we vote and keep the failures in office to continue the almost evolutionary progress in government downward spiral. The clues are:  the economic crisis AKA “fiscal cliff”, pursuit of Susan Rice on misinformation she was given and the pursuit of the Presidency by any means possible. Of the 500 plus members many are millionaires or nearly, so the raising of tax rates would affect them. Keep in mind that this tax does not raise the rates on investments by much, it has more impact on the earned income. One line that is quoted regularly is the effect on small businesses. Most small businesses will not be affected yet the notion that it will is out there and living large while the real information lies undetected.

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