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A recent televised Dr’s show was pointing out the amount of poisons we ingest daily. While the basic premise is correct but a bit inexact. As humans we have and will continue to ingest these poisons only in the organic forms. These organic forms in the small quantities we take in just pass right through leaving the benefits they provide and causing no harm. The true poisons are the synthetic forms of these same compounds. These are the deadly forms and the ones that are commonly used in manufacturing and food production.  The reason for the synthetic compounds is that they aid in the production of food, clothing, and the maintenance of  crops grown for food. In  the years of scientific involvement in crop production, the processing and growth  of  food crops has involved the synthetic poisons since the organics are not as readily available in the quantity required for those uses.  The scientists have been very successful in improving our lives by creating  these synthetic compounds yet the long range  after effects were never considered. Look at  the vast amount of plastic materials that will never decay and will always be around. These plastics have no purpose once they have been used and the industry has not figured out a way to recycle all of it. Once placed in a  landfill, they  decay at a very slow rate while leaching their individual parts into the air and soil. These components become airborne and are washed out into the ground and thereby the water table due to weathering. This cycle brings the poisons back to us in what we eat, touch and feel. Did you ever wonder why some of the everyday items we use work so well?- poisons!

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