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In talking to an old friend today we talked about a lot of things in the catch-up phase of our conversation and one particular item was the interaction with people who as bosses and co workers feel the need to be in command yet feel threatened when a person (an underling or equivalent) performs well. This brings about a confrontational situation which if left to unfold in its natural way could end very bad and to no advantage to either party. The solution is remove your self from the situation and allow the status quo to continue. This is not quitting, ceding or running but more like escaping from a non winnable and possibly damaging situation. This is viable  in  most cases except  when it concerns the welfare of others. This brings me to the issue of our government, primarily the Congress. In the beginning the sole job of the Congress was to insure the people were well served by the law of the land (the Constitution), these representatives all had regular jobs making  the Congressional seat a part time position. The Position is still a part time position yet we pay fulltime salaries plus benefits. These benefits are quite good compared to many of their constituents. I believe we need to remove our selves from the political process in this way:

1. stop voting for these long time servers

2. Stop believing the party hype-it does not address the real issues

3. Remember : if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and looks a duck, it’s a duck!

Remove your self from the common and media presented information and dig deeper.

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