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Today I spent several hours listening and watching the Congressional hearing on the proposed “assault” weapons ban or what ever it will be called. The pro and cons are difficult to assess as the two overlap so much. No current firearms owner wants any more restrictions placed upon them yet the need for some sort of control over the availability or access to high capacity firearms or really the  magazines or clips is the  big issue. I did not see this addressed, I saw and heard the same information that has been out there for years. This information cannot, will not and has not resulted in the desired end. There have been some progress but not what current laws were purported to address. I t seems to me that we have a situation where any illegal weapons, no matter what the origin is will be available to people who use illegal means to get them. This process has nothing to do with the people who follow the laws, local and federal to own and procure firearms.  The issue appears be a way of halting the legal or illegal purchase and use of firearms with high capacity magazine or clips*. Laws do not work because the lawless do not follow them. Armed security in schools is  like having children in jail except for having no bars on the windows and doors. Many public buildings have metal detectors at the doors so there is no issue there but all of this still does not address the availability of illegal firearms and what to do about it. Until this issue is resolved this conversation will have no end and we will all be assailed by rhetoric on the subject until Utopia arrives somewhere in the far distant future, perhaps.


*Clip is synonymous with magazine

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