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Many seniors have concerns ranging from health to social security:

  1. On the health front-the issues are incontinence, sex drive  or lack of if you believe the as seen on TV ads. The sex thing is more that it just takes too much energy and the recovery time is well into the next day so sex has to be scheduled for weekends only. Medications that help some ailments but require other medications to mitigate the side effects of the first medication and sometimes yet another medication to mitigate the mitigating one.
  2. The hair issue by the time you get all of  (whats left) the gray hair coated, covered or dyed its time to do it again, taking up way too much time which you have very little left anyway.
  3. In the social security area you receive what ever amount you get minus the price of medicare part a,b and sometimes d. This reduces the net amount you have to live on.  Your heating gas, electric and other utilities continue rising as you use less. Your conversations revolve around : what celebrity died to day and which ones are gay.
  4. You keep a list of the 1/2 price dinners in your area ( sometimes you don’t even like the food but its a deal!). You watch reruns because you can’t remember if you saw them.
  5. You keep a list of the stores that have a seniors discount day.
  6. You can’t figure out why you can’t make a call because you pressing the buttons on the remote , further confusing are the 3 to 4 remotes required to operate the TV, DVD player and cable box, trust me Universal remotes are not universal.
  7.  When you thought it was bad enough-you get shingles a remnant from the time you had chicken pox and couldn’t remember having it, so you didn’t take the shingles shot.

Lastly you have to pat yourself on the back (without injuring yourself) because getting old is not for wimps.

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