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There is a law in the process of being passed that would maintain the sound level of commercials to the level of the program it is attached to. If that is accomplished then when will the commercials be limited? In the early days of television the announcers on some the shows would announce (imagine that) the upcoming commercials with a line like: we will be right back after a quick word from our sponsors or we will take a 60 second break. Todays advertising consists of groups of commercial breaks lasting about 3 to 4 minutes and averaging 8 to 10 sponsors per break. This indicates each as is 10 to 25 or 30 seconds each. Imagine having just that small amount of time to persuade you to buy something.To accomplish that and keep your attention the ad agencies are producing products that get your attention with color, music and voice overs. The two main attention getters are the sound and visual aspects. The actual productions are as big as  Hollywood and as elaborate as any 30′ and 40′ musicals. The 60 second break was never 60 seconds and now it is 3-4 minutes of entertainment which results in sales of products and services. The key to making a judgement on the product or service is in the fine print which we never read as they are really small and shown very quick.  Look at what I have inserted below.

Help me continue to publish

Help me continue to publish

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