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The last 2 major elections have brought out the best and worst of America’s major political parties. We hear daily rants (and some truths) from each side via also rans, soon to runs and hope to runs. What is emerging are the same types of rhetoric updated but seeking the same long term, future impact results. In the future there will still be great changes in the medicare, Medicaid and social security, these changes may balance the budget but at what cost?  The Dupublican party with Conservatives at the lead are still proposing the same pre election changes because the facts do not support the proposals. This is not to say that the proposals are wrong or right, what is being revealed is neither party can take all proposals and evaluate both, taking the best of and creating something that while not perfect may be close to what is required. You can call yourself a Conservative, liberal or Tea Partyer but we are all American citizens and no single or combination of solutions will suit us all totally, just reasonably. There will be politicking from now until the next national election but the truth lies in the details not in what various high profile pundits write. Remember no matter what happens the high profile people are being paid and write books that we buy so their incomes are not affected by anything the Congress and President does or does not  agree upon. The middle class and lower income citizens are always the recipients for  better or worse of what ever legislation comes down the pike. The end game for the majority of Americans is to have an existence above poverty, to work, earn and have the best life their earnings can provide. We will never and shouldn’t trust our legislators as they have proven to be untrustworthy once they gain the office. It will require a change to our voting patterns to get control of the Congress (who we elected)  to make changes that could eliminate the endless debate and separatism we see now.

Help me continue to publish

Help me continue to publish

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