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Several recent opinions in the WSJ  having to do with the complexity of the Congressional and federal law making process. Each one asks and wonders why and how  laws are presented and enacted yet many in Congress have not read them at all or completely. The reason is the sheer size and complex language in these articles. I am in agreement that this process could be streamlined by making simple statements out of complicated ones to the point that any American, no matter education level can read and understand the contents. This certainly a worthy objective but we will never get it from the current or future legislators because it is not in their best interests. In order to keep us voting them in office they need a secret language which is buried in thousands of pages of legislature on any and everything. If as one opiner wrote: what if an amendment to the Constitution were put in place that limited all laws to no more than 20 to 25 pages?. Could the lawmakers get more done in less time therefore reducing their positions to the part time jobs they were designed to be in the beginning?


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