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The ongoing rants and rages about “gun control” is more about personal freedom than controlling firearms. NO ONE has said guns will be taken away except the some of the pro gun rights folks (NRA et al.) What has been said is there needs to be more or better checks on the purchase of firearms by extension the legality of the purchasers to own or buy those firearms. The Congressional Dupublicans are more concerned about staying in office (as usual) than actually doing some real work. If the constituency that are gun owners are able to hold the Congress hostage against the will of the majority then we will continue to be in trouble. I repeat NO One has suggested taking of guns from anyone, all that has been said is we need better ways to insure folks who cannot or should not legally possess or purchase firearms are prevented from doing so. This issue has brought out the worst in many of us and primarily along Racial lines in some cases. These vocal but limited few are the people who do not see the big picture and what is required to make ALL of us safe. These are the same people who do not understand that as people (world wide) we all need to stop knee jerking our way to oblivion based on innuendo, speculation and incomplete information

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