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Daily Archives: June 12th, 2014

The GOP (John Boehner) has blamed President Obama for Eric Kantor’s primary loss and also for the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan where many American and UN troops were killed by Afghan soldiers who were being trained to fight the Taliban. So if I calculate correctly, this is an election year that Dupublicans hope to own the Congress after the elections but unfortunately they have performed so poorly and worse than the Scamocrats that their chances are becoming slimmer. We have as I have stated before the worst Congress overall in 20 to 30 years. These pimps (or are they the workers?) have  spent more time (and our money trying to win a popularity contest and elections than just doing some real legislative work. Our Media only covers what’s available to them and often have information (misinformation too) leaked to create a stir which creates enough time for them (Congress)  to think of something worth while to issue, even then it is just so much tripe. These legislators somehow hold onto the belief that we trust and believe in them. They do not and have not for years had a handle on the pulse of the nation (us) yet they pay pollsters millions to get a consensus on what they think we think  and want to believe we think. SO much for character since there is none in Congress.

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During the course of several days, the news was filled with the world events, including the recent release of a longtime U.S Army captive.

Our so-called representatives made a big deal of this by stating that what was done was illegal and that they to start an investigation.

This is another case of Congress avoiding real work to gain votes with another issue to fire up the public. Congress has been our failure, as we have kept them in office because of their promises and often outright lies.

I know many people will disagree with me, and that’s OK, but the fact remains that we have tended to turn a blind ear to what our elected representatives tell us and what they actually do.

Look at the past years. Congress has fought the president on issues that affect us in big ways and made these issues out as bad for all of us. They added insult to injury by ignoring their real duties of making practical and realistic laws.

They have allowed the laws of the land to be subverted, while their focus has been to hack up the Affordable Care Act instead of doing what they should have done initially by participating in the process to make it better.

If you believe the president is wrong, then you should hate Congress. They have been in place for two decades and have gone steadily downhill, dragging us with them.

If your issue has to do with religion, race or ethnicity, rather than the ineffectiveness of Congressmen, then you are probably beyond help until you arrive in the here and now.

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