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Also ran “Mitt Romney” has buzz worded Hillary Clinton after her book tour kicked off. This is just another Dupublican ploy to  discredit her “in Case” she runs for the Presidency. This indicates to me that first our political system is in disarray, second our elected representatives are no better than any known criminals except we know what motivates criminals and we have yet to determine what motivates our elected representatives beyond staying in office as long as possible, collecting a pension (under false pretenses ( as far as I am concerned) and creating lucrative connections for the time when they are no longer in office. It appears that the Dupublicans are a bit fearful of their chances of gaining the Presidency  and gaining Congressional control are not good. As voters what are we to think of people who use media blurbs to assail potential candidates for office to poison the voting pool for future elections. This does not apply only to the Dupublicans but the Scamocrats have done the same. What we have are 2 (two) political factions who have outlived their usefulness and have allowed the rise of smaller factions whose limited vision could spell disaster for the voters in one way or another. I cannot stress enough that we as voters need to pay attention to all things political because the people (all factions no matter who they claim to represent)  seeking office  often have an agenda that does not include our welfare. It is time to put the naïve and uninformed ideas we have about other people and ethnicities since this country was colonized and founded by emigrants from everywhere. These differences are what made us unique and American aside from the fact that we are not Native American and who we as explorers displaced and misused.

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