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The long “Ruining ”  saga    of Congress has moved to a new low. The Dupublican lead House is prepping for the upcoming elections by not doing the work required by the job (They were elected to do) but seeking to sue the President for doing what they have been requested and required to do. This tactic is designed to cast a pall on the Scamocrats who will be running for election and re-election. This ploy is designed to pull the political wool over the eyes of the voters of America. There are and will always be people who dislike the Scamocrats no matter what they do good, bad or indifferent and vice versa with the Dupublicans yet those hardened voters who adhere to the party lines apparently fail to realize that this tight line thinking is why we have an ineffectual Congress. All of the “labeled” factions of the major left, right and center political party’s   have specific agendas that most often do not help or aid the mainstream voters. These today decisions (good or bad) will have a long and often disastrous affect for years to come. The key is READ as much as is available on what the party’s are proposing and listen less to people who are selling books, getting advertising money to present outside the box opinions and the special PACs that represent special interests who want to keep the ineffective legislators in office.

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