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Recent and ongoing events in the Near and Middle east will eventually affect us all. We as a nation can understand in various degrees what is needed to secure certain parts of those areas and hopefully bring cease fires and peace. Our deeper understanding is explainable by remembering the prelude to WWII. This prelude if anyone has paid attention was televised in a series called the “World Wars”. Aside from the personalities explored, there were the actions and events. These actions and events gave rise to the WWII personalities some of whom began the building a foundation of eventual murder, mayhem and intolerance that fueled the final madness of A. Hitler. This individual caused the devastation of  his Nation and betrayed his “Allies”. The Japanese were duped into the war by Hitler by virtue of their feelings of being slighted at the peace table after WWI (they felt dishonored ). All of this to bring us to the present and past at the same time. There has been conflict in the middle east for thousands of years and primarily on a religious basis. Now with modern weapons several factions are determined to do what Hitler attempted to do and impose their will and religion on others even their own countrymen. The UN at best is protesting but doing nothing of merit. The US is being looked to for help and we have given it but we as a country can no longer afford to lead the charge alone, we need the collective assistance of the UN (that is part of their function). We have Russia attempting to return to the post WWI “glory” days of Stalinism in the midst of the middle east problem. As a country our President is attempting to stay out of another protracted conflict and it’s inherent negatives. The big winners in all out conflict led by the US are the same people who are backing many of our Congressmen and women with boatloads of cash. The Shadow people who have benefitted from recent Supreme Court decisions and the stale mate in Congress. Simply put-this is not our “Grandfathers war”. Recently I had to have some software issues resolved on line with an out of country source (India). While we  make jokes about outsourcing but in many cases now the communication is better but still takes awhile to resolve the problems. As I was waiting for stuff to happen the agent engaged me in conversation and in the course of this conversation, I asked where he was located and he told me he was in India. I asked what his opinion of the events occurring in that part of the world and in succinct terms he said: “the ordinary people are just trying to keep their heads down and hope for the best outcome for them. The government  is in dysfunction much as ours is and we just want things to be better.” This leads me to understand that we as people in general need to put more attention on what our government is doing or not doing rather than what is written by the media in general. There are still some media content providers who still provide comprehensive coverage and reporting but the “mainstreamers” in the media are still presenting the attention-getting headlines with no content. It appears to me that reading between the lines should be the rule and not the exception in these times.  

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