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Daily Archives: November 4th, 2014

Today I am one of the luckiest people in the world. I have arrived at an advanced age and am still in relative good health mentally and physically.  The poisons of the past have hatched out of the mud as far as the injuries and poor health care I have been subject to in my earlier years. The past 18 years have had me paying more attention to the small things that comprise good health. I have 4 dental visits annually, 2 Dr’s visits annually and take my medication regularly. In spite of all of this seemingly prudent activity, we all age regardless of the care we take or receive. The key to aging gracefully is taking care of your body in the best way you can and remembering that your youthful exuberance’s always remain in a residual form that manifest itself in the later years (aches and pains, arthritis etc.). Some aging ailments are unstoppable but some are predictable due to family history. What needs to occur for all of us is the following: have regular annual visits to a physician of your choice (if you do not like your DR or cannot understand what he is telling you then get someone else).  Eat as healthy as you can afford to-this does not mean extreme eating habits just balanced. One item is fruit, this one of the easiest things to do, a fruit side dish is as beneficial as any extreme diet. Exercise is important, the amount you do is not as important just moving the joints to keep the muscles and tendons flexible. The other issue is weight control, there is no reason to eat like “a hog at a trough”, enjoy food but in moderation and enough to feel full, then stop. Vitamins are not necessarily bad or good but their value depends on your metabolism. Some people metabolize certain vitamins at a different rate so the value varies. The amounts in each capsule is minute and only act as a replacement for any the normal amount you may be deficient in. Finally Dental health get a good dentist and have at minimum 2 visits annually, then brush and floss  twice daily. If you have not made regular visits to a Dentist or Doctor , your first visit will be equivalent to shell shock but for the sake of a longer and/or better later life-Just do it.

I am now 72 and aside from aches and pains related to older muscles and bones, I feel pretty good and somewhat of a “chick Magnet” but having no holding power.

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