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Monthly Archives: December 2014

All of the recent controversy over Cuba, immigration and other Presidential acts have overshadowed the long range effect of these actions.  The immigration action which was avoided by the Dupublicans and some Scamocrats because of mid term elections has not aided these factions because with the actions of this immigration initiative more people will be able to take a drivers test, be accounted for on the tax rolls and  pay taxes. Many of the affected will coincidently not spend nights in jail for driving illegally. The normalization of relations with Cuba negates some of Russian influence on the island and allows families to resume legal visits. There is no doubt the Castro regime will not necessarily do a 360 change but the people will reap the benefit of a “freer” society and educational opportunities. There are those who feel that the Regime is  evil and that feeling may never change but for many this change will be of great benefit. The promise of Cuba is in the new type of freedom , limited as it is. The political aspirants in this country who are of Cuban descent should recognize the potential of this situation but they have staunchly  railed against it. Perhaps these aspirants are not the people we should elect to higher office.

The Dupublican majority has stated the intention of dismantling the ACA (Obama care) leaving millions with no coverage (good luck on that one) forgetting that future elections may depend on their actions. One of the best things to happen with the Dupublican being in majority is Senator John McCain’s election as head of Armed Forces Chair. Senator McCain is one of the better informed members of Congress and his knowledge of the armed forces is extraordinary.  briefly: Bill Cosby-Does it matter after 30 years? A 15-year-old at the playboy club (where were her parents?). Any other alleged incidents why now and there is no gain or win in this at all.

Mitch McConnell: 30 years of opportunistic flip-flopping and targeted horse changing to be the Senate leader, can he be trusted? Finally Rush and Bill. Is Mr. Limbaugh so racist that he would deny an actor’s ability to play a role because it doesn’t fit his idea of the character? Further how can speak for another country just because they are racially similar, get a grip   Rush. Bill (O’Reilly) do you really know anything about Mayor Di Blasio and the New York situation? When you have researched it as you supposedly have done in your books, then perhaps you can comment. Being a commentator on Faux news does not negate the need for factual reporting or comment.

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Mr. O’Reilly of Faux news is commenting  on the Mayor of New York and as usual has no clue what is going on except what has been written and presented. Anyone who comments on what is occurring in other cities with limited or no facts as far as I am concerned is  being disingenuous with their audience. The broad context of a situation has no room for comment, it is only when ALL of the facts are known  can anyone make reasonable competent comments and judgments. Mr. O’ Reilly should be aware of this as he is a writer of historic novels unless his credential’s in that field are suspect.

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Former V.P. Dick Cheney, went on Television to address the claims on how effective the various persuasion methods were. This from a man whose former(?) company was involved in one of the biggest oil spill disasters in U.S. history , was an advocate of the never found WMD’s and who shot his own lawyer in a hunting accident. Of course many may say so what on the lawyer shooting but this man appears to be an inveterate liar and he was our second in command. It would make sense that a person with so much bad baggage would keep a low profile but apparently he is not that smart but Fox news loves him ( so much for their quality reporting).

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The article below is indicative of seemingly “knee jerk” reaction  people have to headlines in the news. This American merely traded in his truck and forgot to remove all of his company ID from the doors, when the photo below was aired, he received a lot of hateful comments and threats. This type of first reaction is why we have a poorly functioning government which is powered by innuendo lies.

When Texas plumber Mark Oberholtzer traded in his black Ford F-250 pickup truck, he expected it would live a second life in the hands of new owners, but probably not these owners. 

Oberholtzer’s Texas City plumbing company, Mark-1 Plumbing, has been inundated with threats after a photo of his old Ford work truck appeared on a terrorist Twitter feed, equipped with an anti-aircraft gun in the bed and still bearing the company logo on the door.

terrorist truck texas photo

According to Houston’s KHOU, Oberholtzer traded in the F-250 to an AutoNation Ford dealership in Houston last November, but accidentally forgot to remove his business’ decals. A representative at the dealership said the truck immediately went up for auction, and most likely exchanged hands many times before ending up on the front lines of Syria’s civil war, piloted by terrorist fighters.

Related gallery: Ford F-Series Super Duty

Related gallery: Ford F-Series Super Duty

“To think something we would use to pull trailers, now is being used for terror, it’s crazy,” notes Jeff Oberholtzer, Mark’s son. “Never in my lifetime would I think something like that.”

The company began receiving threatening calls earlier this week from people all across the country that assumed the small town business was aiding and abetting terror. “We have nothing to do with terror at all,” commented Oberholtzer.

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The Dupublicans will have control and they have set upon the road od destruction of the “American People” who they are so fond of quoting. I have  read and looked at so many “advertising type ads” as to be sick of it. We as people have been beaten to almost death with B.S, near truths, half truth and often outright lies about what “they” (Congress is doing for us). The truth is Politicians are after one thing and one thing only_Votes and the next office of power,The case in point is Mitch McConnell, who has pursued the Congressional chairmanship for 30 years and now has it. This position will not help the”American People” but it will help “Mitch”. I believe if we (the American People) would avoid (faux) Fox news and other seemingly legitimate news ,the truth will be clear. We do not and never needed pseudo news presenters to tell us what we can read for ourselves. There are no more Walter Cronkite’s, Edward R, Murrow’s or Ted Koppel’s left, we just have wannabees who read the news an

d do not understand what they are reading. The young lions in the Dupublican party are all seeking possibly roads to the Presidency with no thought about the people who put them in office. I foresee a partial collapse in our Congress due to divisions in the “party” (no difference in the Scamocrats). Before that time the voters need to begin independent thinking about where we want OUR country to go. The Other stuff will take care of itself if we manage the politicians we elect.


Again the media blurbs that do no more than appease constituents instead of doing the right thing. Will  this will be the beginning of doing nothing of importance for the next several years? We as voters never hold these idiots accountable for their poor performance

WASHINGTON – Emboldened House Republicans issued a stern but symbolic rebuke to President Barack Obama over immigration Thursday, passing a bill declaring his executive actions to curb deportations “null and void and without legal effect.”

Outraged Democrats, immigrant advocates and the White House said the GOP was voting to tear families apart and eject parents.

“Rather than deport students and separate families and make it harder for law enforcement to do its job, I just want the Congress to work with us to pass a common-sense law to fix that broken immigration system,” Obama said before the vote.

Even supporters acknowledged that the bill by Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla., which says Obama was acting “without any constitutional or statutory basis,” was mostly meant to send a message. It stands no chance in the Senate, which remains under Democratic control until January.

The real fight may lie ahead as conservatives push to use must-pass spending legislation to block Obama.

For now, Republicans insisted they must go on record denouncing what they described on the House floor as an outrageous power grab by Obama.

“The president’s decision to defy the Constitution by using executive actions to change immigration law cannot go unopposed,” said Rep. Steve Pearce, R-N.M., who voted for the bill. “The legislation passed today is a proactive response to this gross abuse of power It clarifies that the president’s use of executive authority does not extend to exempting millions from legal action at once. This is a needed step in any legal challenge to the president’s abuse of power.”

New Mexico’s other two representatives, Democrats Ben Ray Luján and Michelle Lujan Grisham, voted against the bill.

“The president thinks he can just sit in the Oval Office and make up his own laws. That’s not the way our system of government works,” said Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La. “This legislation says you can’t do that, Mr. President. There is a rule of law.”

The vote was 219-197, with three Democratic “yes” votes and seven Republican “no” votes. Three Republicans voted “present.”

Obama’s executive actions last month will extend deportation relief and work permits to an estimated 4 million immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally, mostly those who have been in the country more than five years and have children who are U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents.

He also reordered law enforcement priorities and expanded an existing deportation deferral program for immigrants brought illegally as kids.

Compounding the GOP’s anger, Obama’s executive action came barely two weeks after Republicans trounced Democrats in the midterm elections, winning control of the Senate and increasing their majorities in the House.

Even as emotions ran high in debate on the bill, many involved acknowledged it was mostly a sideshow as Republicans struggled to find some way to undo what Obama has done – not just register their disapproval. Party leaders acknowledged their options were limited.

The Yoho bill was part of a two-part strategy by House GOP leadership to appease conservative immigration hard-liners without risking a government shutdown. Their hope was that after approving it, Republicans would move on next week to vote on legislation to keep most of the government running for a year, with a shorter time frame for the Homeland Security Department, which oversees immigration.


Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente

It’s Time to Revolutionize Race Relations

You would think my experience as a top executive would be different from a black man who is working in a retail or food service job to support his family. Yet, he and I both understand the commonality of the black male experience that remains consistent no matter what the economic status or job title.

This post is not to complain about what is, but instead offer hope that we can harness the positive energy from the demonstrations for change and start a new chapter in America based on better understanding of race relations.

As Americans, we must deal with behavior that is unacceptable in today’s global world. The first step in changing negative behavior is to understand the underlying imagery of the black male, which doesn’t represent reality. Whether it’s Michael Brown in Ferguson, Trayvon Martin with his Skittles®, Eric Garner who died after a chokehold, or the 12-year old killed because he was waving a toy gun, when you see a black man killed, the imagery is more complicated than one might think. For example, words used by the white police officer to describe Michael Brown included adjectives such as hulking and demonic — words that bring up images going back to the days of slavery.

If you’re not black, it’s hard to relate to situations as a black man might. So you know I’m speaking from a realistic rather than theoretical standpoint, here are a few personal examples I’ve experienced in the past couple of months:

  • Recently I was shopping in an upscale store and I was being watched and also followed by an overly anxious person. This was not someone trying to be helpful, but someone who was assessing why I was there. Other shoppers did not have “help” following them throughout the store.
  • I have gone to dinner at fine restaurants and had the food server explain the tipping program, since apparently black men don’t understand this concept.
  • Sometimes I observe two or three white customers ahead of me and after me pay by credit card — and I am the only one singled out to provide proof of who I am before I can make my purchase.
  • Most CEOs don’t leave their corporate offices, change clothes, and have car doors locked as they walk by or women move to the other side of the street hugging their purses as they see me out exercising. Even as a CEO, the black male experience is my reality.

Years ago, my father taught me explicitly how to behave myself if ever confronted by a police officer and I experienced being disrespected in my early twenties by someone who was supposed to protect my rights. I hold to this day that the biggest battle within me was the rage at how I was being treated while having to do what my father told me and respond appropriately. If I acted out how I was feeling at the time, I might not be here today.

So where do we go from here? In the Ferguson situation, we need to disregard the small percentage of criminals who are getting publicity for their destruction of property and instead pay attention to the sincere marchers and protestors who are voicing their demands for change. This is our opportunity to focus on improving race relations for the future, especially for young black men and also for those picked up to be deported based on their race. A few ideas have great potential to revolutionize race relations:

  • I endorse the idea that every police officer videotapes interactions as the first major step to protect both individuals and the police officers.
  • We must engage community activists to sit down with police, the government and local businesses to work together in different ways. Over time we will see the current environment of police officers going to white neighborhoods to “protect and resolve issues” and going into black neighborhoods to “combat and control” change to become a culture of police officers being in all neighborhoods to protect and participate.
  • We must collectively support local school and church leaders as they reach out to youth and adults to start a more positive dialogue to make all our neighborhoods safer.
  • We can ask businesses in our communities for their support as we build a greater sense of community, both locally and nationally.

The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness can become a reality for everyone if we eliminate issues standing in the way of improved race relations. I love this country and we’ve made so much progress, but we’re not there yet. With deeper understanding and thoughtful and positive participation, America — and Americans — can live up to our full potential in a country built on diversity of thought, spirit, race and experience.

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Congress has moved the fastest against the Presidents Immigration effort than they have on any other measures including their normal work. It is apparent that our non functioning Congress will not improve under the Dupublicans. We as voters need to understand that “we” are the term limits for elected officials and we need to use that to limit the amount of time a Congressman or woman can serve. It should not take more than 2 terms for work to be done. The election cycle is offset to insure the opportunity  for “other” candidates to campaign for office. We have become so complacent that we have allowed ourselves to be “conned” by the long term office holders. Mitch McConnell has had one aspiration and that is to be the top guy in the Senate, he has flip flopped all his career to get where he needed to be and therefore has no loyalty to anyone but himself. If it served his agenda, he would gladly throw Mr. Boehner under the bus as would I suspect Mr. Boehner would do to him. The current rulers of the Congress are not friends but rivals for power and media attention while doing nothing for the country as a whole let alone their “constituency”. They both are fond of quoting what “the  American people ” want while doing what they will for themselves and their own. The current political makeup of Congress is one of the most dangerous and possibly inept groups in history. We the voters need to be very afraid and wary of what they do and say. No one is exempt from the havoc they may bring down on us over the next several years and beyond. The Dupublicans  have some serious issues within their party with the younger members being a bit more radical and vocal. This will all play out over the next few election cycles and we as voters need to remember “anyone who spend millions to gain a position that pays so little in comparison should be suspect”.

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My friend Martin again makes a point that many of  us gat and Congress doesn’t.

Repeal hurts those we know who need healthcare

Abel Oldsworth, my reticent friend, cannot understand the repeated call for repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act.  He says most of us know someone who is out of work, works part time, is a college student, or has disabilities who now can afford a visit to a doctor or a clinic. They do not have to use costlier emergency rooms for their primary care or wait until they have multiple problems before seeking care.  Look at how Medicare and Medicaid coverages have aided the elderly and those going through disastrous accidents and illnesses.  In contrast, many objecting lawmakers have enrolled in premium plans under the Act while shouting their opposition.

Many lawmakers contend that affordable Health Care coverage is regretful

Although saving people’s money and lives might be beneficial.

But it’s those uninsured folks’ defects

Which outweigh the spending effects,

And thus warrant the repeal as providential.

Martin Egelston

Battle Creek Enquirer

November 26, 2014

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