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Daily Archives: January 18th, 2015

The now empowered Dupublican Congress has been warming up to push its agenda which will not benefit most Americans (or “The American People”) that the Dupublicans are so fond of “quoting”. Currently the now empowered Congress is moving on a path of party implosion with the internal  sub sects jostling for power while advocating for their most vocal (and well-heeled) supporters (not “the American People”). At this time the Congress is busy trying to undo the Dodd -Frank bill which regulates the banking industry in favor of “the American People”, the immigration reform which favors “the American People” and the Keystone XL pipeline which does not favor “the American People”. Given that “the American people” is composed of many ethnic groups who range in skin tone from black to snow white could we make the case of “innate racism”  by the now empowered Dupublican Congress?

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