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How can we trust the upcoming Congress? During the last 6 years the rift between Congress and  POTUS has grown larger. It is naïve to think that this divide is not about power and who has it. Hypothetically the two major parties have the best interests of the people and our country yet we see the long term representatives  espousing the same rhetoric  to their constituents with a twist. Unfortunately it is human nature to align one self with some one who looks like you, has the same general (supposedly)  life desires. What this means is that except for people who recognize and embrace the differences in other people, our long termers are no more than “Bernie Madoff” in  politics. They have  perfected the knack of  promising enough to stay in office and enhancing their own  futures rather than taking care of the people who elected them time after time. This mid term election has shown that desperation leads ambitious people to do whatever it takes. It is not a far stretch to think that in close company the President has been labeled with the “N” word to forward an agenda. The new Congress still has to put up or shut up but be assured that any failure on the part of the House and Senate will be redirected to what ever the President has done or not done. We can already see the media campaign in the  press releases and talks from the two top Dupublicans but  onus is on them to produce results. The keystone pipeline is a sore spot and all of the information on it has never been revealed, the only information out is how many jobs will  created, no matter what the potential risk of  damage to the route of the pipeline. This pipeline will be delivering Canadian oil to the Gulf of Mexico for processing and shipment out of the country.

It is easy to present partial information and appeal to the  jobs situation but remember who has been in office during the fiscal troubles  of the past 15 years and did nothing to stave off the problems. To top it all, the Prime minister of Israel used  our Congress to further his own ambitions and he did in true Dupublican fashion and they willingly  (possibly unwittingly) allowed it because his speech was  without the normal courteous  notification to our President and the State department . The Leader of the House is now journeying to Israel (why?). Here at home the candidates are jockeying for position to run for President  but to no good end. We must understand that our political process is flawed and can only be repaired by the voters. Our task is simply to gather as much information as possible on the candidates and ignore 90% of what is aired in the media. Keep in mind that these candidates are spending millions to gain offices that do not pay millions which makes one wonder what the real reason for the campaigning?

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