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The Israeli Prime minister and the Dupublican house Speaker appear to be in lock step against the President of the United States. While the President and several other countries are attempting to put together a peaceful solution on Iran’s nuclear situation these two are coalescing for no other reason than to scuttle the negotiations. I believe neither of then has a clue as to the damage they are doing. Their actions only spurs the resolve of the hardliners in Iran and their terrorist allies (Issel, Boka Haram and others). It is odd that Israel is so against a Palestinian state when they had to fight for theirs. There are terrorists in every country in the world some less violent but they are still terror driven groups. These two have formed a coalition that is doomed to failure whatever their goal is. Their actions could have long and possibly disastrous consequences for all of us. The Dupublican party as  I see them have the sole objective of reducing the neediest of us to abject poverty by any means possible while invoking what they say we want (or their constituents) but underneath are the huge money people who want their agendas to be in play with no regard for the people who buy their products or use their services. Our current Congress is shortsighted yet have convinced their followers and themselves that they can and are doing a better job. Which is it- serving the people or themselves?

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