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Godfrey Daniel used by W.C. Fields in several of his movies. It is not hard to guess the expletive this represents.  This brings me to a well known quote attributed to Jesus of Nazareth, the verity  (or not) of this is supported by the various versions of the Bible and other religious writings. The quote is as near as I can recall “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”. This was in a situation where people were willing to stone a woman for prostitution. That all being said it is odd that we have Bill O’ Reilly in the news again for  transgressions of past and near past, this front man for Faux news for any reason they decide to have him  promote is no better  than anyone else and joins the ranks of many of our high placed elected officials who have  pushed the agendas of big money (except in Bill’s case selling books) while decimating programs that support the neediest and middle class of AMERICA. You can believe our elected Congress or pay attention to the real truth, our erstwhile seat fillers do not have the best interests of the “American people” they are so fond of citing in their minds. It absolutely pains me that so many of us dislikes  what is happening in this country yet refuse to participate by voting against established politicians and rebuking the misinformation the put out as fact. Our Congress has no statesmen only folks working for anyone other than the voters who elected  them no matter how ill-informed those voters were on the issues. Essentially where we need to be mentally is: beware of the crowd pushing for throwing stones and remember elections are all about who can spend the most to convince us to throw stones as it were. An awareness of the real issues is the first step to having good and trustworthy government and it starts with us, the voters.

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