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Is pursuing Hillary Clinton on Benghazi worth 4.6 Million dollars? The Federal government is on a path of shutdown with just a temporary budget in place but our legislators are spending millions on an issue that has been (we thought) over. This money would be better spent on National infrastructure. These are the people we elected  to take care of our business but as usual politics take over. Our legislators have taken leave of their senses in this matter while espousing this pursuit in our names. It does not matter what individual voters think of Hillary Clinton but it should matter what our legislators are doing with our  tax money (supposedly on our behalf yet not asking us if we agree). There are American citizens on the brink of starvation and homeless but we can spend money on preventing the run of Hillary Clinton for the Presidency. If the Legislators believe this is the correct way to spend tax dollars then why is it that we can’t fund Planned Parenthood for the health of Women? This Planned Parenthood issue is based largely on fictionalized and invented information. It utterly amazing that we have continued to elect these clowns time after time when they have lied to us time after time. Shouldn’t we spend some money to get at the truth of what they are really doing for us or better said – to us? 

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Please Donate

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