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If the legend of Pinocchio were true, there would be no room to move in the Congressional chambers. We unfortunately are plagued with many representatives who can hardly tell the truth. Many are hard pressed to believe the truth. Given the tasks set before them as Legislators(?), one would believe they would not spend taxpayers funds on issues that have been previously resolved  (4.2 Million dollars on Benghazi). This being a run up year to a national election may have some influence on these activities. At some point in the past we had representatives who in spite of their later known personal issues joined with like minded representatives of the other parties to create and enact laws that benefitted most of us (especially the 99%). What have  now is a group of self aggrandized  elected officials whose sole purpose is to control the government and insure  that they can accommodate the needs of their large donors. It is unfortunate that the smaller  issues that mean more than the current prominent ones will and have gone unattended. The lies: planned parenthood has been attacked based on an edited tape and picked up by Conservatives as the truth, thereby causing the funding for women’s health to be reduced or defunded. This Lie has been picked up by the radical fringe of the Dupublican party as truth without as much as a cursory investigation and no thought of the effect on their constituents (who they never consulted). The pity of it all is that anyone who never had to use the services of Planned Parenthood do not understand the dire effect of  this defunding. The very people who need health services the most will be affected  regardless of  any abortions performed by Planned parenthood. The Fact that no government funding goes to any abortion services does not seem to affect the blatant disregard to the overall function of the agency. We have become so much like the Radical Islamists as to be identical except for the murderous rampages and beheadings. Our Radicals are the so called “religious right, moral majority or perhaps conservatives”. These disparate groups have gained a high profile due to Mainstream media coverage which plays to their radical thoughts and theories as if it were the National Trend. If we as rational people do not pay close attention we will have the closest thing to a dictatorship as any other  nation that is now fighting that same type of government. Then its the Email flap, how much will this cost us? It is important to remember the Alexander Hamilton quote: ”  Those who stand for nothing fall for anything”.

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