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The Urban League of Springfield has received a grant to set up a “cease fire” program. This program is in place in other communities and is successful. I have only one issue with the program and that is the administrators. The immediate hands on folks are not the issue these are good people with good skills. The administrators have a track record of poor to mismanagement of grant funded programs due a dearth of understanding how these programs actually work. The ordinary work on the many programs administered by the league have been unfortunately side tracked by under or uninformed upper managers who have no apparent faith in the hands on coordinators and causing the programs to fail through their
micro management. Once a program fails, the local recipients are left in limbo and often worse off than before the program. The drop out rate in these programs is nothing to be proud of but the League often touts the few successes as being greater than it actually is. The effort put into securing grants is sizeable but the effort to sustain the programs is not. Given the large number of professional people who left the employ of SUL (voluntary and forced) has indicated all is not well in the kingdom! There are many wonderful people in the organization but the top tier of executives is rife with incompetence and greed. This has been voiced by many former and current employees. This “insider” information has come about by the accidental meeting of former employees who I’ve met around town. The shame is that this branch of the League has the air of  respectability from business friends and outsiders while maintaining the reputation of poor service in the community. Apparently there is a tacit approval of poor service by the State and National Urban League.

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