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Many people of color have criticized President Obama for not addressing Black issues directly and being more pro black. Thinking about the current Congress, there is no way the President could spend much if any capital on specifically Black issues. Coming into office with an ongoing war and unrest in the rest of the world while some world leaders essentially took a wait and see attitude towards him. Looking at reality not much of his strategy to improve America as a whole came true due to a multitude of reasons or causes if you will. We have an overall innate bias in America which was fueled by many of our elected leaders(?) who rather than do their jobs (legislate for us to makes our lives better instead of feathering their own nests). There are several if not many other barriers to his completion of his agenda that cannot be covered here but to address the Color issue: this is one if not the first President who has made a specific attempt to preside over the entire United States of America which includes all of us no matter ethnicity, religion or race. Remembering that being even-handed in this situation carries great risk because many still cannot get beyond race and other stuff to understand what the real issues are that face ALL of us. Now the spotlight is on seemingly Racially motivated shooting of unarmed citizens and the murder of several law enforcement officers by a mentally unhinged individual. We find our selves in a time when information moves quickly and is often incomplete and by time the real facts are known the wrong information is seen as truth and unchangeable. We can ask a question about being black enough or too black from now on and still not understand or accept our role in government. Our role as voters is to provide for our selves the best government we can by properly vetting the candidates who purport be the best choice for the job. We have become so obsessed with debates as to lose site of what counts in a candidate. The major political parties have used buzz words , sound bites and slogans to sway our allegiance while delivering nothing in return for that allegiance. Until we (all) demand and get good candidates for representation we will have what we have now a media circus with clowns as the main event.

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