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Reading so much  of the latest information on Race, privilege and the actions of law enforcement in recent times, I was prompted to look at some other events from just after civil war (this look back came after a history show about the West). 2 Presidents after Lincoln were complicit in what is occurring now due to the destruction and reconstruction of the South. The Southern leaders at that time wanted control of their own destinies without the restrictions of Reconstruction, the Native Americans became a “problem” when they resisted the forced settlement of their Native lands by the government ( coincidental creation of the Custer massacre even though Custer’s Hubris was partially to blame). These events brought us through those (approx. 1875-1975) times and up to now. Between then and now the 2 most put upon groups were African Americans and native Americans. All of these things collectively set the stage for the dismissal of the rights of non white Americans in hiring, education to name the 2 most prevalent forms of discrimination. Bear in mind that most Americans had no personal hand in this aside acting (or reacting) to the fictionalized information available at the time,  As a “modern” country we have yet to get over the “Racial” hump that would bring us close to where our neighbor to the North is. It is true that worst things we have done to our selves is ignore what our lawmakers have done  and continue to do (in our names without our consent). This hijacked consent is exactly what happened 100 years ago and continues even now. Where we need to be at this time is smart enough to read between the lines on anything our elected officials say because no matter what we are their bosses and the vote is how we control them. The party type politics is one of our worst nightmares and we as voters need to jump ship when necessary  as what the parties say and what  they do is often poles apart. One of things we have fallen prey to in politics is the one issue style of voting-get over the single issue vote, there is more to every issue and we owe it to ourselves to investigate. One well heard example is the 2nd Amendment; this is by far a very over used item that does not fill the bill in modern times but big money has beat us over the head with it until we believe it applies so we accept it at face value. Simply put this amendment meant more when there was more wilderness and threats from abroad.

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