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Ted Cruz is at least honest. His speech was met by boo’s and cat calls however he at this point is one of if not the only honest Dupublican in the party. The national party  with great reluctance and reticence fallen in behind the Donald as the candidate for the Presidency. Many of his supporters are single issue voters who seemingly cannot understand what the overall view is and how the single issue vote can bring other problems along that will affect everyone. Ted Cruz (who was called “Lyin’ Ted) spoke with eloquence about his views and while we may not agree with Cruz overall, he has allowed that Donald trump is not the best choice for the party long term. Mr. Cruz is an outsider in Washington and while being radical in a radical party he is at least maintaining his stance on his beliefs. There are several (if not many) Dupublicans who are (distantly) tacitly supporting the nominated candidate for the Presidency. I would like to think these semi supporters are distancing on moral grounds but the reasoning is more about being elected. Our greatest power as voters is first paying attention to these opportunistic office seekers who are no more than fair weather representatives.  These are the office holders who have done nothing for us and continue to cover their poor records with self serving lies and assertions. Politicians who talk about what they have done rather than show it are all suspect and need to be vetted each time they are up for election. Our votes as far as I am concerned are like currency and needs to be spent wisely.

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