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This morning as I got my daily news fix, there was a report on 88 retired General Staff officers (generals & admirals) who are supporting Donald trump. The spokesman sounded more like an uninformed voter rather than a previously serving military officer. One would think a retired officer would have access to how immigrants are vetted or at least understand what happens. I was moved to think about past military actions and decisions  possibly committed and made by these retirees and what affect it had on all of us long-term. Were any or all of them associated with some previous military errors and imprudent decisions? Could we look at their military records and come up with a heroic story or maybe some tarnished areas(like regular people)? Apparently these learned (?) former military folks are not (or were not) as good as we needed then or now. It is well that this is America and not some other country where our freedoms allow open speech by everyone. I support their freedom to support and speak out according to their conscience but I take issue with the seeming lack of back up information.


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