Before I unload on WikiLeaks, let me make myself clear:

I don’t care much for Hillary Clinton.

I can’t stand many of her ardent supporters, who frankly, can’t stand me either.

As a buddy of mine said about the election: “I don’t like Trump much, but I know Hillary hates me more.”

We conservatives pride ourselves on calling something as it is. We harass President Obama daily for his inability to say “radical Islam.” We openly mock the gender monsoon of pronouns offered to students; we deride politicians who call taxes “revenue.” And yet, we’re A-OK with calling theft of personal information, a “hack.”

That’s how I feel, and think, too. Why support someone who despises me, my beliefs, and my contributions to society?

But it still does not make WikiLeaks  — which is currently targeting Hillary’s campaign — okay.

“Hacking” is jargon for theft.

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