The department said in a statement Monday that Russia had not lived up to the terms of an agreement last month to restore the cease-fire and ensure sustained deliveries of humanitarian aid to besieged cities.As part of the suspension, the U.S. is withdrawing personnel that it had dispatched to take part in the creation of a joint U.S.-Russia center.

© The Associated Press.  All access routes to east Aleppo are closed. That center was to have coordinated military cooperation and intelligence if the cease-fire had taken hold. The suspension will not affect communications between the two countries aimed at de-conflicting counter-terrorism operations in Syria.

The above short statement is a result of the following:

1.The madness of Donald Trump

2. The ineptitude and political idiocy of the two major parties.

3. The failure to follow the counsel of General George S. Patton at the end of WWII. At that time General Patton strongly suggested that we take on the Russians while we had a full army. MA

The powers then (General Eisenhower et al did not want to do this, I have been unable at this time to collect all information I need on this but it will come later. Vladimir Putin is taking advantage of the middle eastern turmoil to move his own agenda forward  Keep in mind that Russia is in dire straits economically and will use what ever means necessary to get what they (Putin) need. The rise of Donald Trump has been a boon for Putin as his rhetoric and antics allow attention to be directed from his activities. In the end the Present of Syria will be in the pocket (or hands ) of Russia while the people still suffer. That situation will serve to insure the instability of that area for years to come. While our polidiots continue on their own (and ours) path of stupidity the security of Europe and the middle East continues to be weakened. Add in the madness of North Korea and we have the makings of another large-scale conflict. Elect Trump and it is guaranteed, elect Clinton and remove some of the Congressional morons, we may have a chance because it will be the United States ramping up to fight and supply. The UN is not absent in this and I believe the members are looking at this situation closely even if we hear nothing from them.

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