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Daily Archives: October 27th, 2016

The extreme ends of this Presidential Election is not much different than some of the historical races but we now have mass instant media. The  basis of a lot of the rhetoric is what people want to hear and sometimes not based in fact. The primary reason for the deceptions and slight of speech is simple. We as listeners and consumers have become accustomed to being told things that we will not or do not want to research. This giving up of our ability to get correct information is done by our remaining silent in the face of the irresponsible reporting and the presentation of lies as facts. Both sides of the race have promoted untruths as facts and mixed facts with lies. These utterances are widely spread to incite division and somehow promote support for the candidate. American has never been completely united even in times of war as there will always (apparently) a subset of people who feel that one race are the true Americans in spite of proof to the contrary. These “Neo Americans” seem to forget that the Native Americans were here thousands of years before the takeover by Europeans. The native Americans were exploited by Columbus and a centuries of other Europeans before the founding of the United States. The Constitution that is so often misquoted was designed to be a living document (which means it can grow as the nation  grows and changes). If you did not notice we have ALL been victims of long serving representatives who lie and cheat to get what’s best for them while convincing us that it’s good for us. This is like ” when I want your opinion I’ll give it to you”. For a moment forget Race, Religion and sex while considering the real reasons we as a country are having such a contested race for the White House , our current Congress has blocked so many initiatives presented by this President and have told the  people that what they did was correct. The current issue is the ACA or Obamacare which is Universal health care plan based on a majority of Americans signing on to it , the majority party bashed it and spewed lies about but never read it or did the job they were elected to do which is to read it and tweak it so it works. Now the Act is having issues created by Congress’s lack of support or doing the job they should have done years ago. These types of activity or lack of by Congress are what has fueled the current vitriolic Presidential race and the rise of Donald Trump (who they dislike). Mr. Trump has brought all if not most of the Racial divisions in America into focus ignoring the fact that this  country was founded and peopled by immigrants. Make America Great again should be make “America Grate again”. Unfortunately too many people do not read enough and rely on “sources” to get information. The internet is not all facts, again- “THE INTERNET IS NOT ALL FACTS!”. There is a line widely spread that lies cannot be put on the internet or as normally stated” “it must be true if it’s on the internet”. Essentially as citizens we all need to pay attention to what our elected representatives are doing more that what they are saying,

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