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Aside from what we know, how many more regrets will there be coming from voting for Donald? Maybe there will not be the forgiveness as expressed in the song? Looking at short and long term: There have been several cabinet appointments made  and yet to be confirmed. Looking at these nominees they are business folk who have supported many of Trump’s ideas and on its face may not be too bad. We unfortunately have to look to the do nothing Congress to step up and do what is required to keep us safe from Trumpedations. As voters who are disappointed with Government continue to celebrate, the views of the Dupublicans is not as friendly for the nation as a whole. The idea of altering the current social security system to match the ideals of  the Dupublican party narrowly skirts Racism and poverty bias. Remember that the US Congress along with other government workers are under a health and retirement system that does not mirror the Social security system most Americans are covered by. This is another “walking in my shoes” moment. So with the rise of Trump we could progress or regress but the 535 Congressional members will still be in place and planning our demise “for our own good” and  try to make many of us like it. This coercion is accomplished by innuendo and sound bites that sound better than they are. Take note of  what is being said by Congress and the government on your behalf. This is not to say that the Government is bad but merely manipulated by less than stellar people (our elected officials).

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