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This past election has shown how narrowly focused many people are about Government and the people they elect. Any government and the elected representatives should ( and many times do) have to look at the whole picture involved in regulations on anything that affects us. Each area of the country have at once different and the same issues. These issues cannot be considered in a microcosm. While the coal miners have issues with health issues related to coal miners (with fierce fights on that issue), there has been no real information regarding the effect of Fracking on the coal industry. Fracking with its side effects has driven the price of gas and oil down relegating coal to a side line thus reducing the working mines to a fraction of the output they once had. This reduction has caused the decline in mine work and workers with no assistance from the representatives of these areas save a mouth full of blame on someone else. It would appear to me that these representatives should have been investigating or advocating for the Affordable Care act aka “Obamacare” which has a provision for the care and treatment of the mine workers who contract Black Lung Disease. It appears that some of these legislators have failed their own constituents in not recognizing the unhealthy conditions that they have to work under. When several mines closed  the workers were left without jobs yet none of the elected dim wits sought to get or institute any retraining and  maintain health services. They did have time to block anything the President was doing while fostering the notion that He was “killing coal”, it seems now that coal is killing the miners but the Legislators are still standing on the sidelines now hoping a Trump Presidency will allow them to continue their nefarious ways. It is unfortunate that big Coal has bought and paid for the lives of the miners through “gifts” to the Lawmakers. It would be interesting to see what the lives of the Mine owners are like compared to the mine workers. The elections have shown that politicians and candidates focused narrowly in each area  to maximize their vote count even though that focus was inadequately represented in rallies and meetings. Essentially “ALL politicians and candidates LIE! to get what they need to gain office! These lies no matter what small truth is used as a lead in to get your attention are still just lies and do not nor will not benefit the people of the United States.

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