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The Trump effect has begun. It is unfortunate that our long serving Congress has been so poor in its representation of  the voters. With this new President it will certainly get no better in spite of the soaring rhetoric to the contrary. The congress has attempted 60 plus times to repeal Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) over the past several years. This is time wasted when they (Congress) could have addressed the issues at its original presentation as it is normally done. Now they intend to spend more money and time on repealing it and replacing it with an unknown. They call  this Conservatism. It is past time for the voters to stop acquiring labels on their political views as these are labels  propagated by the media and politicians to further their Own Ends. If you assume the label by the party of your choice you are operating under a false premise as the politicians of this country have one goal and that  goal does not include you! Politispeak is what is used to get your vote and many time these words sound good but mean nothing, by this method their words are the same as when you train your dog with a treat or “good boy”. Now we have a self-absorbed “commander In Tweet” who as I see it really did not expect  to win the office and is not so interested in it but does like the adoration as this has been his stock in trade for most of his life. The Dupublican Congress has decided for you what you want no matter what You want! This is not say the Scamocrats are any better however over the years we have fared better under them than the Dupublicans. It is time we as voters shuck labels and become  impartial to all parties in order to vote correctly for better government. The road to better government is in the hands of informed voters. As a side note: not one Congressional member is suffering from lack of salary or healthcare since the ACA (Obamacare if you will) does not cover them, isn’t the American voter worthy of the same level care?

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