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Donald J. Trump’s campaign  and Presidency will and has had an effect on politics. Remember the “fake news” put out by the Fox group for many years regarding President Obama et al and picked up by Trump prior to running? Now Trump is evoking the “Fake news” mantra  regarding his actions. He has further attacked John Lewis for his opinion on the legitimacy of the election in light of possible interference by outside hackers. I believe that the Trump Presidency is more a statement of the dissatisfaction with Government aka Congress than the Presidency but many people do not realize it yet. The real issue with this Presidency will be the divisive actions by the ruling party of Congress. These neer do wells will cause harm to all no matter what sub genre of Republican or Democrat you are. The rise in racism in America can be directly laid at the feet of President elect Trump. The campaign rhetoric tacitly gave approval for the alt right, extremists of all sorts to ply their trades. Those trades being hate, some of it under the guise of religious right. It is not too far afield to think that the next 4 years will be a testament to the strength of  the America that believes that all of us were once immigrants and over time have come to be Americans. We will soon be hearing more tweets than information about what is happening in the White House. 140 characters will never take the place of a press conference. In the background will be the self serving Congress removing anything that benefits the Citizens of America who do not have deep pockets. The party goes on as the New administration tweets, and talks in superlatives. The new political language is now superlative non answers and artful dodging of questions. There is the idea of health care for all except the repeal of “Obamacare” aka Affordable Care Act which will affect many of his supporters who currently have coverage and do not realize that the two items are the same. We have now a TOTUS instead of POTUS who will do what ever it takes to further his agenda with no regard to the long term effects of his actions. This is unfortunately the person who will represent America in the world.

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