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The slide to anarchy has begun. President Trump has begun his breakdown of the American way. The great white Dope has signed an executive order banning Muslims and firing the acting attorney general because of questions of its legality. It appears that the new President is actually running  (ruining) the country like his businesses. It is unfortunate his supporters will find out the hard way  what the rest of us already knew and suspected,  he is not capable of running the country. His picks for his cabinet, his selections for other high posts in his administration speaks volumes as to where we will end up. We can only hope that the Neer do well Congress has enough initiative and intelligence to realize that no matter what they as a party think, this president is  inept and potentially dangerous. Even in writing this I feel we have a hard row to hoe. This type of government is not what the  framers of the Constitution envisioned. What is left for all of us to do is write, call and demand a change (impeachment?) in leadership. We potentially have a “Sith Lord” in command attempting to rule with impunity. How long will it take before our 535 step up and do the right thing as they should have done before the election?

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Please Donate

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