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The new administration has not and possibly will not solve the disconnect between our Congress and their constituents. After years of bafflegab and politispeak many people still do not know that the ACA that they enjoy is the same as the Obamacare that they hate and the Congress is working to repeal and replace. Aside from that issue (among others) we are overlooking the wholesale takeover of Congress by people who do not have the welfare of anyone in their minds. Forget about party’s and look at the individuals! There are members of Congress who want to trash Social security (the savings you worked for all of your life) stating that is “broke and under funded”. This is  just an out-and-out lie. Social security is doing fine. These naysayers are attempting to put OUR money into some dubious private agency for administration. To recap: Congress member pull an average annual salary of about $170,00. and will receive about $70,000  in retirement, then social security later along with a premium healthcare plan forever.  All of these perks were put in place by the Congress without our (the American People) input. Keep in mind that the Congress appears to be composed of finger pointers and rumor mongers who in their infinite dysfunction have consistently under served “the American People” they so loudly proclaim to represent. I am not singling out any party since neither side has a stellar record in representing anyone other than themselves. There was a quote by someone who stated” you can tell they are lying because their mouth is moving” or something similar. I stand by  my assertion that the Congress is the government entity we need to pay close attention to not the Commander In Chief (sometimes he merely an instrument of obstruction).

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