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The next several years will provide political and humorous fodder which will emanate from Washington D.C. and the Whitehouse at least for the next few years. The staffing of the Whitehouse seems to have at least 1 prerequisite: the ability to lie deny and backtrack with no shame. The information staff of the Whitehouse apparently are just glad to be there. This is possibly the largest staff of prevaricators since the Nixon Whitehouse. It has always been the job of chief information folks to put forth the President’s words correctly and honestly. It seems that this group got both of them right. TOTUS is uncontrollable in his outbursts (much like a bratty child) so his mouthpieces espouse the same insanity without such much as blink. That is pretty much like acting (but not entertaining or informative) except for the damage their “talks” create. Speaking in superlatives does not translate into actions. It is apparent that the President and his  minions think that superlatives are the same as actions. This is similar to the some members of Congress citing “The American People” as reasons for doing harm to those same American people. Each day there is new evidence that we are in the hands of a certifiable  amoral miscreant aided by an errant political party. Our duty as voters is simply to look beyond the talking and understand  what these Government pimps are doing to us in our names and feeding it to us like poisoned Kool aid.

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