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Daily Archives: April 4th, 2017

There have been many movies and stories about child heroes and perhaps our TOTUS relates to those stories. I must point out that these stories for the most part are fiction or fictionalized accounts. With that being said what is the driving force behind  TOTUS (aside from poor advice from his advisors)? The adoration train is leaving the station with  fewer riders by the day. The Neer do wells are doing less and less while their work goes undone. Mr. McConnell is doing his usual stand back and speak occasionally when it will impact him the least and have the most impact on the situation. This has always been his style if you look back on his record as a member of the Senate. Paul Ryan has all but been left out to dry and has had severe feed back at home like so many other members of the Congress. The love affair with Congress is definitely over and it is about time. Our political system is in disarray since the age of Statesmen is seemingly over. As a reminder : Statesmen were public servants who once elected  made sincere efforts to do the work of the people, that work was to enact laws that benefit the people (all not perfect) but these laws were enacted with a consensus from both major parties and some of the outliers. Those days are over with the advent of angry politicians who do not seem to understand their purpose in the office. Is it possible that these “public Servants” are overpaid for the work they do? As an example: Paul Ryan earns $200,000. annually as speaker with a limousine at his disposal and will earn over $70,000 upon retirement. I believe people should earn a living wage with the possibility of a livable pension amount upon retirement but our legislator’s payouts are obscene compared to the voters who support them and barely trust them. The “child” is so focused on the short-range goals that he cannot see where his end game needs to be. Tweeting does no more than gain short-term attention and more distrust except for the real “fake” news of the Fox network. It is reasonable to question information from the W.H. but the spokespeople giving out the information appear to be ill-equipped to explain or answer any questions without becoming angry and abusive to the questioners. With all of this we are still in election mode and not on governing mode, the near future points toward an ongoing campaign style governance. The indication that the WH administration is inept is revealed by the undoing of as many Obama era executive orders as possible since these do not require Congressional action, this undoing is more harmful than many can imagine and the Congress does not care. This administration is all about show not substance, most recently a press conference showing TOTUS donating his salary to the National Park Service which will cover 0.005% of the Proposed budget cut for the Service and the show goes on. The message is clear our Government is in trouble and we (voters) are the only cure. Do not be swayed by any politician who has been in office more than 10 years, pay close attention to what they say and do. No matter how much you like the person, their actions are what count not their personality (this is how Trump became President), pay attention to the Chyrons.

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