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Daily Archives: April 13th, 2017

The Dupublican Congress has created a precedent which will haunt them for years. “Mitch” will continue to be a lost boy who really believes he is right as he wields power but over time  the fractious Senate members will show how wrong he has been. This is indicative of how we as voters lose focus on our elected officials and continue electing them without a reexamination of what they have done to or for us. If this examination is done we will soon see that their words do not match their actions. Our fault in this is not taking these people to task when they stray. Their hope is that we do not pay attention with that in mind many of the laws enacted are not good for us. Healthcare is a big one so looking at the healthcare and benefits of the Congress, they are under the ACA but their plans are vastly different than what we can or will get. Don’t we as voters and citizens deserve as good a plan as the Congress, the people we elected and therefore are their bosses?  The nuclear option has set a precedent for future High court appointees and will as history will show create a path to less qualified Judicial members. Our Congress (save a few) who allowed the Nuclear option to proceed is possibly the worst in years and we do not have to take it. Forget labels and look at the candidates. If a candidate unwaveringly touts the party line or  mindset then that person needs a close look and very possibly a pass. We as voters have been advertised into voting for people and we are the worse for it. Advertising is bad enough for touting products we may or may not want nor need but when it comes to representatives it is more like an arm twist until we give in. It is in our power as voters to change how government works but if we do not become woke we are destined to repeat the same mistakes and keep the same sorry folks in office.

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