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Daily Archives: April 15th, 2017

There is a phone scam in additional to all of the others we know about. Dell has reported that a phone scam from someone pretending to be from Dell about issues with your computer. These people areĀ India (and who knows where else). They definitely have the accent and often purposely try to speak as unclear as possible. They use American names. These calls are made via Skype so sometimes the quality is poor. Remember Dell does not solicit any business by phone and will never call you unless you initiate the contact. Dell’s call center is indeed in India but the representative use their given Indian names not American names. There are accents however they make every effort to be clear in speaking and will get someone who speaks clearer if you need that. The important thing to remember is: Dell will never call you unless you initiate the contact, Dell has a website that will allow you to report such contacts ( These scammers will be using the Dell phone number 800 624 9896, this indeed is Dell’s phone number, if you call it you will reach Dell. These scammers have figured out how to use Skype calling to make these contacts using this phone number as a cover. I have had the same type of call using my phone numbers as a cover to call me.

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