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The Damnation of America is in the hands of the Majority party and a small minded despot. It is of no import that Washington is broken but what is important are your personal beliefs and politics if they are based in facts. Neither major party can be perfect for anyone but the key to understanding is to look closely at the individual members and their personal agendas. The key people are the reason for nothing being accomplished during the Obama years. The Majority party pushed the agenda of Obamacare being bad but it is only bad due to the legislators not doing their jobs instead of obstructing progress. Many of us have benefitted from The ACA (aka Obamacare) yet the Congress is busily touting repealing and replacing but with a law that takes, limits and eliminates benefits. All the while many have jumped on this bandwagon without realizing it has faulty wheels. Just today I read that one less than illustrious member of Congress who earns 174,000.00 annually wants 30,000 more as a housing allowance. This is just one of many whose health benefits may not be changed by this new Health care bill. If as a voter you are not disturbed then it is possible that you have not kept up with the daily news output from almost everywhere. If you are a devotee of Fox (FAUX) news then you are definitely under or uninformed. This is one of many ways the political world is coercing support with bogus information. It is time to get woke!

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