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With the current efforts to change the ACA and now the tax code, I have looked at some of the salaries and net worth of some of the people who are “conservative” (meaning they are pro tax reform). These Tax reforms will not benefit the now almost non existent “middle class”. It is odd to me that folks whose value or earnings will not be affected can advocate for reform that will ultimately impact the middle and lower class Americans. I have listed the net worth or salaries of some of the folks that most of us are familiar with :
1. Rush Limbaugh net worth 500 million
2. Sean Hannity        ” ” 80 million
3. Jesse Watters        ” ” 1 million  to name a few.

Now take the big push for  repeal and replace was designed to make money available for tax reform. Remember funding any national program has to have a source of funding so in order to not increase taxes, some programs have to be reduced or eliminated. As taxpayers and not in the 1% range of earnings these cuts, eliminations and reductions fall on us (middle to lower class as we are called). Since many members of Congress are in that 1% or approaching it, they will not be adversely affected. The medical benefits for legislators will not be affected by any change in the ACA but its repeal or  replace will benefit them in that they can show they have accomplished what they campaigned on. Please understand that this was always the plan, sacrifice (in essence) the healthcare of America for tax reform that will harm many more Americans and compounding the harm from lack of healthcare to millions. This may sound hard to believe but your elected representatives are not much more than Snollygosters.

(snollygoster[snol-ee-gos-ter]  noun, Slang. 1.a clever, unscrupulous person.)

If you take an exception to this post in any way at all, I challenge you to research this for yourself as I have done. There is no need to cite sources as they are readily available everywhere. If you consider yourself a Conservative, you are not alone we all are conservatives by definition no matter which political party you follow and following one or the other unflinchingly is the same as being brainwashed which is where they want you. Always remember Hitler was extremely successful to the tune of millions of live and billions in debt for the German people.

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