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The current administration appears to be all about themselves. The cabinet has several members who can’t pass up a photo op that garners attention on them (and theirs). Considering our TIC there should be no surprise there. Mr. TOTUS uses tweets as attention getters while rolling back rules and regulations on importation of exotic protected species with no regard to the ultimate consequences. There is the push for so called “Tax Reform” which will be accomplished by making changes in the ACA which will ultimately affect the health care of millions yet with this knowledge the neer do wells are still trying to move forward while espousing how good it will be for us. All of this is geared toward next years elections and the unrealistic campaign promises made by them. The wake up call was sounded long ago and many of us missed it or ignored it, the awakening will be rude and possibly devastating. Since TOTUS was elected hate , racism and sexual assault have seemingly become OK. This development has been ignored by our legislators or perhaps their response will wait until after 2018 elections when it’s too late. Now we have the potential gutting of the ACA which with all of it’s faults is working, this action is just to push along a tax reform that will harm as many people as the loss of healthcare. All of these actions are laying the groundwork for 2018 election and maintaining the status quo which is not in favor of the often cited “American people”. How can these folks speak for us when they never ask us? Their information appears to come from select groups rather than a true representation of  the cited “American People”. If you truly believe that your elected official represents you then perhaps you haven’t paid attention to them which they don’t mind at all. As I have stated before “Hitler used the same tactic to convince Germans that Jews and non Aryan’s were the reasons Germany was in such poor shape and not the previous war. Telling the same lies over and over convinced many Germans he was right until the end when Germany was devastated by allied forces and  Hitler took the easy way out. While this administration may not be as radical, they are just as devious.

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