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The neer do wells and TOTUS are pushing a tax reform bill that will ultimately harm and possibly devastate many Americans. The “representatives” have touted this tax reform with more unsaid facts than the spoken lies. The reduction on upper earners will be permanent  while the reduction on the middle to lower earners will be tied to an end date. This “reform” will potentially end a part of the ACA that harm even more Americans. With all of the facts from CBO and many noted economists, the administration is still pushing this “tax reform” and attempting to present it as a good deal. It is my opinion that TOTUS has not read this bill and possibly would not or does not understand what it will do to his own base. This entire so called “reform” is about winning, a victory based on a campaign promise. So we now come to the part where the plan of lying to the public until the public believes the lies to be true. Like so many political lies the people are hurt while our “representatives” remain in office to continue their nefarious ways. This “reform” is just more “political wool” being pulled over the eyes of the “American People” that the politicians are so quick to cite as wanting or needing. The only resistance to the poor legislation is better representation by elected officials and contacting your representative often and with all of the methods available to you. You are their bosses.

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