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It is unfortunate for us that we are now under the sway of a neer do well Congress abetted by an unapologetic liar in Chief. It is certainly what was expected by his supporters. The expectations were as follows:
Drain the swamp- change how Washington works (the same attempt by Barack Obama which was blocked by Republicans in Congress and tacitly condoned by some Americans) .
Repeal and replace the ACA (aka “Obamacare”, which most people enjoy but do not know they are the same program)
Tax reform, which will ultimately harm almost everyone who makes less than 300 thousand dollars annually.
Given this verifiable information where do we go from here? Our path is relatively clear, forget the party lines and look at the people who currently represent you and what they have or have not done so far. If you do not know any of this then it may be time to rethink your loyalty. A point to remember “Adolph Hitler devastated many countries and murdered millions based on lies that were told over and over until people who at their most vulnerable believed them.” I  personally make efforts to remain as neutral as possible on most issues until I can get all of the facts  however when our elected officials use lies to further their ambitions then I became radical and so should you.

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