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The ongoing and seemingly interminable litany of rants from the Resident coupled with the semi competent issuance from Senate leader Hitch McConnell take attention from the upcoming mid-term elections. For some reason Hitch emerges occasionally to push for action in as short a period as possible which either pressures members or causes bad legislation to be enacted. All the while no comments on the current Oval office occupier’s actions as there were during the previous administration. These asides do no more than confuse and befuddle the real issues. The real issue is we have an incompetent leader who is all but uncontrollable even with saner people giving him information and updates. It appears that this administration is headed by a determined person who has to have the spotlight and issues absurdities slightly bathed in an aura of truth. There is no real direction beyond his underlings saying what is required to stay under his radar as he governs by way of entertainment news. If we add the incompetency of Congress due to their ever shifting hidden agendas, we have the makings of a perfect storm of ineptitude with no recovery path except for the potential of mid-term elections. The wider world is looking at us in awe and amazement as we have clearly signaled our inability to act as the world leader we once were. In abdicating that leadership our tacit enemies have filled the vacuum leaving us with narrow avenues that we have to travel as a solo act which could do us harm for years and possibly centuries. This crawl to the bottom is faster than most of us realize and we need to wake up!


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