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Campaign promises are usually just (promises) that since most people who run for office cannot most times fulfill  these promises without a full understanding of what the long and short-range effects will be. The current Oval Office Resident is leading by adoration, He is no more than a panderer of misinformation, this misinformation gets him cheers and applause but it is a cover for his ineptitude. A trade war with China will trickle down to American farmers and exporters of goods. The tax reform  will not definitely result in more jobs even though there are some wage increases (average about 10%). This demand for a Border wall and more security is based on a campaign promise, not facts. The so called stream of immigrants is into Mexico and that country has that situation under control. The so called  economy boom is the result of actions taken before his election and rather than ride that wave, he is attempting to take credit for it while creating trade issues that will affect our European partners as well as our local businesses. The issues are actually non issues but this Resident has to have chaos to cover his lack of knowledge about the job and its effect on the US and our partners. A wiser man would gather folks who actually know what is happening in the world and act accordingly rather than people who have their own agenda and coincidentally does his bidding. The current media that touts itself as Conservative is rife with provocateurs as opposed to Journalists who report based on facts no matter what their personal beliefs are. This explosion of “isms” and adherence to specific labels is for the most part no more than covert Racism. It has been my experience that Anyone who states” they not biased about someone or something “is usually not telling the truth. We as people are not Saints so having biases is no true sin but denial of that bias to gain an advantage is. This is a major part of the “Campaign promise”. This is apparently a major part of the biased media, no matter which side they fall on. One main factor of our current political system is the ability to offer an idea (true or not) and have it go viral before its disproved or proved, once it is viral it nearly impossible to change due to the inherent or learned biases we All have. Contrary to popular belief the swamp is still in existence and as wet as ever. The true swamp is the long serving Congress who many of us have allowed to serve in spite of their failings as shown under this administration and the previous one. The remedy for this poor Governance is simple-Voting! If each one of us made the attempt to set aside our biases and looked closely at the candidate’s past and present actions we may find that they have not been doing us any great services. Two examples of the people we have voted for prior to their service in the current administration: Scott Pruitt and Tom Price. I firmly believe that the hope that we would get better leadership has not been in vain, we just needed to have the light shown on the long time servants of themselves by the advent of TOTUS.

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