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Bias has been printed, spoken and used in the media so much in the past 10 years as to become a candidate for one the most used words. Biases are sometimes learned, sometime acquired and sometimes just accepted through lack of facts to the contrary. The worst of these is implicit bias. This the bias that informs a person actions toward another person as explained: implicit bias refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. There is a test presented by Harvard ( ) which allows one to test their own bias. There will always be bias but one can overcome some by the act of examining why they have the bias or what influenced the bias. Simple example: children have food biases based on family history and sometimes the look, smell or texture of the food. Many times these biases are dismissed by education on the subject of that bias. Unfortunately with humans interacting with humans those biases often take center stage (as in our current administration’s actions towards too many of us). Bias is the tool of folks who through ignorance, misinformation and fear have to blame someone for their misfortune. This is what brought people like Adolph. Benito, Josef to power and ultimately one of the most murderous eras of our modern times. These biased folks have had the ability to tap into the fears of others for their own gain with no regard for the harm caused. Bullying is an extreme type of bias as it affords the bully opportunities to pull others into their vortex of “anti” while bolstering their own fragile ego. This “bullying” has become more mainstream with advent of TOTUS in the U.S., Putin in Russia, Al Assad in Syria to name a few. It is well to remember that one synonym for a bully is Tyrant.


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