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The trouble with drink ware is design. Some glass ware is made to hold a certain amount of liquid and look stylish and elegant at the same time. The problem with this is that these designs are sometimes tipsy. if a glass is narrow at  its base and wider at the top the chance of  tipping is evident, even a glass that is cylindrical and the same size top to bottom, there is the chance of “tippage “since many times the height is the reason for spillage. There is a similar issue with hot beverage containers disposable and retainable. The idea of a hot beverage container having a narrow base and  wide mouth is inherently dangerous by its use. The disposables are worse since aside from the contents there is no weight to offset the contents and making more of a chance for spilling. What makes a good drinking container is a sturdy base and body much like a beer Stein with a handle. While this may not be the ideal container in many cases the design is rational as a model. The actual Stein is heavy but can tailored to suit many other containers and without the handle as it has been in certain glassware in many bars and restaurants. These heavy bottomed containers still have the esthetics of fine glassware but have the rational heavy base to guard against the normal tipping event. There is not much that can be done about disposables aside from redesigning the conical shape and caution on behalf of the user.

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