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During the recent Senatorial campaign for office in Utah one candidate stated that “he wants to work for the people of Utah”. Perhaps I am wrong but isn’t the job of all Senators to work for their districts and hopefully by extension all Americans? Apparently this is a mantra espoused by many office seekers but once elected, the mantra disappears and the real person emerges to meld with the existing neer do wells. If we consider the existing members of Congress, we as voters would be better served carefully considering the words spoken before electing someone to office no matter if it’s City, State or Federal. These folks have the ability to help or hinder and we never know which until after election in spite of their insistence that they are doing what they told us before getting in office. It must be remembered that being in office brings certain perks and challenges. The perks appear to be more the goal than the doing the actual job. The recent past election brought us the subsequent Proclamations and roll backs of health care provisions coupled with a disastrous Tax Plan that will haunt us for years to come. It is clear that we need to elect people who understand that we will unseat them for poor performance. Recently we have come to understand that “Kissing the ring” will get you a post in this (mis) administration no matter your qualifications or  lack of ability to do the job. The people of the United States are and have been in the past gravely underserved by the people we elected and now we have gross incompetence abetted by a flawed Congress led by possibly 2 of the worst leaders in many years. It should be understood that we as voters deserve better but will not get it without “vetting” the people we want to elect. Campaign rhetoric and slogans are not the same as what they do once they are in office. If there is a divergence from what we need then we need to spend a stamp, email and call to protest to that person. Anyone who has contacted their representative knows that often we get a canned type response which is non-committal and usually does not respond directly to us however we need to keep doing it, think of it like wound that you keep picking , it will not heal until you stop. Our wound is poor  representation and we need to keep picking at it.


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